Catrix Gand

Half elf, half human, all awesome.


Catrix is the second daughter of an elven general and the only child of a human court wizard. Her parents met while her father was accompanying a state visit to Zarahemla; at the time, their countries were at peace, and a relationship wasn’t inappropriate. The romance didn’t last, but Catrix spent her childhood between her mother’s rural estate and her father’s residence in the city of Tidelands. Her mother has a huge, sprawling family, but was often gone on campaigns. Her father has no family, and had lots of time to spend with his daughter.

From an early age, Catrix showed natural aptitudes for leadership and tactics; at 18 she enrolled in an Elven military academy to refine her talents and learn to wield a sword. When she’d been there for four years, the grand duchess of her province died and was succeeded by a xenophobic younger sister. This duchess declared humans and half-elves to be illegal immigrants, so Catrix was forced to leave her school and her country. She said goodbye to her elven family and set off to visit her father.

Catrix’s elven name is Anriet Angli et Gand. Since her eviction from her mother’s country, she’s adopted the human style.

Catrix Gand

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