Tenu Baw

Human swordmage. Odd duck.


Tenu (pronounced tay-nu) Baw is tall, blonde and thickly built, with a paunch. Some have been known to consider him kind of handsome, but most find him funny-looking. He is extremely well-read, intelligent, articulate, and outgoing, with a wry sense of humor. He is also stubborn and opinionated, socially inept or awkward, and overbearing. He is athletic, but surprisingly weak for a man of his size.

Tenu was raised by normal human parents in a very small hamlet not more than a day or two journey from where he lives now. He was a child prodigy, easily picking up and quickly mastering new skills, intellectual or physical. At an early age he was sent off to a larger town or city to apprentice as a smithy, but he quickly grew bored of that. He was so bright and easy to teach that his master thought it would be a waste just to send him home, so he arranged for Tenu to be apprenticed to another artisan friend of his, a carpenter (or whatever). Tenu liked the idea, and tried that for a while, but again quickly grew bored.

He bounced around for some time in this fashion. Of the many pursuits he dabbled in, he found he was most taken by swordplay, when he joined the local militia (or whatever), and by spellcraft, when he was apprenticed to a wizard. So when, in his personal reading, he heard of the lost art of the Swordmages, he was intrigued.

The ease with which most things came to Tenu made him naturally lazy, and his love of decadent food and wine didn’t help. The glory of swordplay mixed with the mystical allure of spellcraft was appealing not just because he liked both, but because it clearly meant you wouldn’t have to work quite as hard at either. He wouldn’t have to be as physically fit as a fighter, nor study as hard as a wizard. He committed to the craft, studying on his own with no master, since it was something of a lost art, and became an expert.

These days everyone calls him Baw. He is the right hand man of Geoffry Gand’s head of security. (The right hand of Gand’s right hand.) Baw’s great-grand aunt was a friend/lover to Riet Angli o Sevelt, who was brother to Catrix’s mother, so of course it makes sense that Baw should share his talents with Gand; they are practically kin, after all.

Baw means well and truly believes in doing good in the world. He hates oppression and thinks wrongs should be righted and everyone should learn to get along.

Tenu Baw

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