Varion Nemesthyne

Can't we all just get along?


Your eladrin wizard friend Varion’s got a thing about kruthiks. After his first adventuring party was butchered by them some 15 years ago, he’s nursed a deep and abiding fear and hatred of the filthy beasts, and has spent the last few years working on powerful spells that will help him (and his next adventuring companions) deal with them better.

He’s anxious to be part of a team that will actually survive out there in the wilderness this time around, but since his last time out went so badly, he’s not sure what actually contributes to success in a team setting. Varion has a tendency to speak out loud all of the ideas that occur to him in any given situation and hope one of them turns out to be good; not all of them are.

Varion Nemesthyne

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