Session 1: The Trouble With Kruthiks

Catrix, Lisbeth and Varion, commissioned by Geoffry Gand, meet Ublich at the Transcendent Librarium. Shortly after arriving, several kruthiks burst through the floor, followed by Bit who is chasing them with a baby kruthik tied to a stick. The group made quick work of the Kruthiks and learn that Bit was hired by a mysterious elderly human to rid his property of a kruthik infestation.

After some deliberation, the group decides to follow the underground tunnel back to where Bit was hired. After doing so, they crest a small hill to discover a white house with a boarded up front door. There was a mailbox there. After carefully inspecting it for traps, Bit opened the mailbox and found a note. (HEY Will, can you write in what the note says? I forget.)

The group decided to avoid the boarded front door and make their way to the back of the house, where they find a window ajar. They entered the house (Varion, only after knocking over the chairs and table), to find it utterly deserted. There was uneaten food on the table as well as a burlap sack. The group discovered that delicious food came out of the sack whenever they reached inside. Yay.

They climbed upstairs and discovered that it was pitch black; they realized they might be eaten by a grue, so Varion lit the way. They found a rope and a knife. Bit took both.

Finally, they entered the living room where they discovered an empty trophy case, a large rug on the floor and a boarded up door with magical runes reading, “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.”

They moved the rug, discovered a trap door, open it and made their way down.

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